Written by Competitions

Living with Water, Slovenian Pavilion

Venice Biennale, 2018

A multidisciplinary team of participants explores and discusses what a relationship between architecture and water should look like in the future. By understanding all the complexity and interconnectedness of natural and anthropogenic water systems and by developing alternative models, can we create a new, fairer, safer and less invasive living environment? Water management requires the input of informed people and important political decisions. The controversial unrealised Slovenian Parliament by architect Jože Plecnik, which incorporates a fountain hidden under the main hall designed as and meant to represent a mythical source of wisdom for the deputies, seems like an ideal space to talk about these pressing issues. Collaborators include Ana Abram, Tim Daniel Battelino, Moa Carlsson, Matt Choot, Nina Granda, Matevž Granda, Ulrika Karlsson, David J Klein, Miloš Kosec, Maj Plemenitas, Bika Rebek, Marta Vahtar.